Hammer Mills Prices In South Africa

Hammer Mills Prices In South Africa

Application of Hammer Mill in kaolin processing

3d出号走势high-pressure hammer mill and ultra-fine hammer mill manufactured by the company are widely used in the field of kaolin grinding and milling. kaolin as a filler is widely used in the paper industry. in recent years, many enterprises have applied the development of kaolin to the coating industry, so that it began to have an extraordinary price.

kaolin has become an indispensable mineral raw material for coating industry because of its high whiteness, soft texture, easy dispersion in water, good acid melting resistance and fire resistance. for example, in the paint industry to replace white pigment - titanium dioxide, and through the shibang hammer mill processing of different particle sizes of kaolin powder, can be used in different types of paint.

3d出号走势we analyze the application of different particle sizes of kaolin. coarser powders processed by general raymond hammer mills can be used in paints requiring dull gloss or flat finish, while finer powders processed by micro-grinding can be used to produce high gloss paints or latex pigments to make coatings impermeable. clarity, anticorrosion and anti settlement, improve coating hardness and improve coating quality.

3d出号走势calcined kaolin not only has the characteristics of ordinary kaolin, but also has the advantages of irregular shape, excellent optical properties, high oil absorption and pigment volume concentration, not easy to aging, wear resistance, easy emulsification in water or oil medium, and high covering power. it is widely used in paint and coating industry. the state mining machinery not only provides kaolin hammer mill, but also provides calcined kaolin rotary kiln.

after adding calcined kaolin into the coating, it can shield the ultraviolet light, improve the weather resistance of the coating, delay the pulverization and discoloration of the coating, enhance the comprehensive mechanical properties and self-cleaning resistance of the coating, acid, alkali and high temperature resistance, and improve the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating. paint coating is a large consumption area of calcined kaolin in china, accounting for about 65%~85% of total consumption. calcined kaolin with a whiteness of more than 90 meshes and a particle size of more than 1250 meshes is widely used in special functional coatings such as interior and exterior wall coatings, anticorrosive coatings, powder coatings, heat-resistant coatings, insulation coatings, road marking coatings, waterproof coatings and radiation-proof coatings.

the wider the application of kaolin, the greater the demand for hammer mills and calcination rotary kilns, zhengzhou shibang welcomes investors from all over the factory to visit, we provide you with professional production process plan.

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