Raw Mill In Cement Plant

Raw Mill In Cement Plant

Factors affecting the production capacity of Cement Raw Mill

cement raw mill is the basic equipment widely used in the grinding industry. it is used in the processing and production of coarse or high-fine powder in many production fields such as chemical industry, building materials, small mines, refractories, metallurgy and so on. in the process of using cement raw mill, how to select the appropriate production materials to reduce the reduction? various factors of low machine production capacity are helpful to improve the production capacity and grinding efficiency of cement raw mill, and improve the situation of low output and uneven discharging fineness when cement raw mill is working.

1. hardness of materials. the cement raw mill shovels the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and grinds the falling material by the extrusion and rotation of the grinding roller on the grinding ring. therefore, the harder the material is, the greater the friction force on the grinding roller is, and the material is not easy to be crushed and grinded, and the grinding speed of the cement raw mill is slow and raw. the production capacity is reduced, and the vulnerable parts are easily damaged. when choosing materials, it is necessary to select materials suitable for cement raw mill model and parameters for processing and production, in order to ensure the stability of production efficiency.

3d出号走势2. humidity of materials. input material contains more water or sediment, it is easy to produce adhesion when grinding, grinding particle size is easy to uneven, in the transfer of finished products will also cause blockage of the air duct and outlet, impact analysis machine for effective screening work, so it is necessary to know in advance how much water content of the grinding material, to avoid blocking the machine. the situation occurs.

3, the composition of materials. the more fine powder particles contained in the ground material, the greater the influence on the production capacity of the cement raw mill. the fine powder in the material is precipitated under the rolling action of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, which is easy to cause the adhesion of the material and affect the material screening and the discharging of the finished product. when choosing materials containing more fine powder, screening treatment should be carried out in advance to minimize the adhesion of materials in the process of crushing and pulverizing.

3d出号走势4. the components of cement raw mill. the main vulnerable parts of cement raw mill are grinding roll and grinding ring. the better the quality of vulnerable parts and the higher the wear resistance, the greater the grinding efficiency and the higher the production capacity. therefore, when choosing cement raw mill, it is necessary to check the hardness and stiffness of vulnerable parts such as grinding roll and grinding ring, so as to effectively improve production efficiency. fast production.

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